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International Hair Company Reviewed by Phyllis Albert on 06.15.13. long-lasting beautiful Remy hair! I have been buying hair extensions from IHC for several years. Actually the medium curly hair. I get so many compliments. First I'm asked is it real then I'm asked who does my hair then I'm asked where did I get my hair. Ft Lauderdale, Fl Hair stylist, Ellen rating">5

Hi ladies, it's Georgia, again, from San Diego, Ca. I just received my new order of Medium Curly #2 virgin remy hair. It is just as beautiful as my last order. It does not tangle or shed and is so soft. I just love the products from International Hair Co. Georgia, San diego

After trying a lot of hair companies and spending SO much money, your hair is the ONLY one that is really 100% natural and has an amazing softness that lasts. Never ever going back to anything else!!! Adri from Canada

05.03.013picture of girl with indian remy hair body wave hair extenstions
Dear Int Hair Company, I've always wanted long lustrous locks. Thank you so much for my beautiful natural Remy hair. My wishes came true. The hair is very healthy and it blends in naturally with my own! I can say that I will be a life time customer. I will never go back to the basic hair supplier again. Kareema Toronto

Good morning, inhairco, I recv’d my hair and it was PERFECT!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help and personally contacting me…I have and will continue to refer people to your company! I’ve tried others and your company still rocks. Rebekah

3.23.13 My name if Georgia from San Diego, California. I ordered my wavy Remy hair from inhairco last week. First of all his customer service and knowledge was so GREAT! I have been wearing weaves for almost 30 years, and believe me when I say, I have had the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore, I know GREAT hair when I see it and feel it. This hair is SOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Craig sent me several of their business cards and several hair stylists wanted the card and also several customers at the salon. I need more cards! I washed and conditioned my hair and I love the feel of it. No tangles, minimal shedding. Thank you for answering all my questions and being very patient with me on the phone. What a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! I can't wait to order more body wavy and also curly next time!

Hi! I'm from Canada and I just received my hair today :-) It took about one week, not bad for international shipping and I had no cutom fees! I purchased the 18" wavy premium hair in color 6 and it was not enough dark for me so I just dyed it and it still looks so beautiful and healthy. I'm getting it in with micro-loops in 3 days and I'll give an update testimonial soon! Thanks a million to Craig who generously respond to about 15 emails ;-) Odri from Quebec, Canada.

1 virgin indian kinky curl hair extensions1.19.12
Hi, I purchased the kinky curly in a 10 and 12 inch this is the best hair I have ever purchased I've been looking at the company for a while now but was skeptical about purchasing the hair I'm so glad I ordered shipping was fast I will never buy BSS hair ever again I'm gonna keep ordering from international hair company I just love it.

I really suck at taking care of hair cause I've always been more of a tomboy. My first weave came from the beautiful supply store it was nice for the first 2 weeks then it all went down hill. I started to look like a wet matted dog no matter how much I combed it wouldn't get better. Then I tried international hair company this is the best for me so far I've had it in for a month now the quality is of the hair is lovely I'm not afraid to wash it like I was with the other hair. I'm in love with this hair. My name is zenobia I'm from Staten Island

I purchased my 14" and 16" of the Premium Body wave! Absolutely amazing! Everyone loves my hair and keeps asking if it's my hair and I don't even have a closure! I just got off a cruise and I went swimming and everything in this hair and it immediately went back to curly and soooooooooooo pretty! Great customer service from International Hair Company and I will definitely be ordering from you, again, really soon!!! Atlanta, GA

I purchased my 14"remy straight hair in June . I have taken it out and had it reinstalled . I love this hair . I wash it as instructed and that is it. There is very little shedding. I've had lots of compliments and people ask if it was my real hair all the time. I just placed an order for my daughter who just can't stop touching my hair. Thank You International Hair!! A customer for life Wanda, Buffalo, NY.

In April I ordered 14" & 16" of the Body Wave. I received the hair within two to three days and got it installed immediately for my baby shower. Actually April 13th to be exact! This hair is the best hands down. I've worn it in it's natural curl, straight, and then wavy again. I washed it at least twice a week. There is not tangling, very minimal shedding, and the luster is just beautiful. I just took the hair out about a week ago to allow my own hair to breathe. But will be reinstalling it for an upcoming Miami vacation and a wedding. I am even going to order another bundle in the 18" for a little more length. I love this hair. Thanks International Hair Company! Wanda, Philadelphia

I love my hair i go days without combing my hair sometimes...when i finally do its still beautiful! Couldn't ask for better hair thanks so much Candice, Chicago

I love this hair so far, I have had it in for 2 weeks so far i added some ombre affect to the ends and conditioned been curling it as well and its still in good condition. I need to wash it now though but I absolutely love my 12 and 14 inch virgin Remy straight hair. Jacksonville Fl

Hi OMG I am soooooooooooooo in love with you guys hair. I have purchased hair from you twice and it lasts so long. i get so many compliments and have recommended you guys to so many of my friends and many have even gone ahead and brought the hair from your company!! its about time for me to make a new purchase and i was wondering if you guys have ever sent anyone hair to do reviews on? i have seen so many reviews on so many other companies on youtube but only 1 on your hair. if you don't mind i would love to be the first person to really start marketing your hair on youtube. i am really pretty and look great in the hair, i can send you some pics of me in it if you would like! well just let me know. even if its just like 2 packs and i buy 1, im sure we can come to some sort of agreement if you guys are interested, thanks Jenni ;)

I love this hair!!!!! I purchase the Virgin Indian Body Wave in 12" & 14" two weeks ago. I had it put in on last Friday. It flows so BEAUTIFULLY like your natural hair!! My hairstylist said she never seen hair like this. I am definitely a customer for life!!! Amy, Katy,Tx

I really do love this hair. Its light weight and extremely natural looking. It has a natural sheen and requires very little maintenance. I have tried several different brands of hair over the years and this is the first time I have been completely satisfied. I am really glad listened when my sister recommended International Hair Co. I ordered the Indian Remy Premium and I couldn’t be more pleased.
I also love the fact that the hair ships out so quickly. I ordered hair in the past from other Internet Companies and I have literally waited up to 2 wks for hair to arrive; only to find out I needed to be available and sign for the package in person. What a disappointment. But not this time, the hair ships priority mail and is shipped through the Post Office. This makes a tremendous difference, definitely recommend! Sonya, Gahanna OH

I love. this hair i have ordered from other companies that claim to be the best...but this hair is excellent , i will be a repeat customer...thanks for providing real quality virgin indian hair!!! Shanika nc

04.12.12 indian remy body wave
Hi my name is Alisha and I'm from Hayward, CA. I started using the Virgin Remy in 2009 and I switched to premium Indian Remy two years ago and I just love it! It's great I love the colors and get a lot of compliments on it. Thank you international hair company. I'm a customer for life!

Hi my name is Tina I am from Sacramento, California. Inhairco is "Absolutely Fabulous" Craig you did it man proud of you!!! I purchased the Virgin Indian Wavy 14 and 18 inch I was totally nervous about the purchase I called the young lady from the Sacramento store she was nice, helpful, and put me at ease. Not to mention they did not have the 16inch I wanted so she gave me an 18inch at no additional charge. Tons of compliments daily and I DON'T HAVE TO COMB MY HAIR EVERYDAY!!! One of my friends made her first purchase today, Inhairco rocks!!!

hello, I give this review because I am super surprised with this company Inhairco, first, the customer service is excellent, Craig, you're the best, I had problems with my Shipping Address and Craig very kindly helped me in everything, and did possible to ship the order and to my surprise came on a day to Puerto Rico, wow excellent, all the time Craig answered calls including call me back, and most importantly, I get 14 wavy hair and awesome, the best I bought, quality, luster, softness, love and recommend it to all, it is better to buy with a serious and responsible company with quality products. Thanks Inhairco, Craig thanks for your excellent customer service bye (next my photos) excuse my bad english....

Miami, fl. the hair is fabulous! shipping was fast. there was a problem with my pay pal account and international hair contacted me right away to ensure shipping was not delayed. the customer service person was fast, nice, and solved the problem. everyone at the salon where I had it sewn in was amazed at the quality

My name is Tahila from NJ and I purchased the 12 and 14 inch hand-tied body wave. First I ordered this hair on 11/21/11 @ 930 am est, and paid for the overnight delivery by 1030 am and my hair arrived at 952 am est! This is the BEST hair I have ever used and I have been getting full head sew in's for the past 7 years. My stylist raved and everyone in the salon had to touch this hair, I hand out 4 or 5 of the business cards. I had NO shedding at all, the natural wave to this hair is wonderful, not to wavy not to straight and NOT frizzy in the least. True to the advertisement this hair flat irons bone straight and smooth!! I like the natural color (dark brown/off black)and the wefts are very thin and lay very flat, I even have hair left over from the 14 inch bundle. This is now my hair company of choice for future purchases!

My name is Gerline from Tallahassee, Florida. I purchased a 14 and 16 inch virgin Remy body wave weave, machine weft and so far so good, I love it. The hair feels so nice and looks so real ...as if it belongs to me. The hair is amazing and curls up perfectly. I'll comment again after a month. Thank you, Gerline


Hello my name is Tanya... All I have to say is OMG!!! Saturday can not come fast enough. I bought 12 inch and 14 inch body wave. when I took it out of the bag it was so gorgeous. I was very impressed!! Will keep you posted how it came out... Thx

My name is Denise and I purchased my hair back in March. It's going on six months and my hair looks better than the day I had it installed. Thank you!

32 Salt Lake City, UT

I am truly wowed by the quality of hair and i have vowed to never use any other hair than the Virgin Remy Loose Body Wave! There is so much that you can do with it!! This hair is worth ever single penny spent on it!! I was skeptical at first but after speaking to Craig who was so helpful, i decided to go for it. I've tried so may other types of hair including some that were original remi, however, i am more than satisfied and impressed with my new hair from International Hair Company!. Keisha Bush, Cayman Islands

July 5, 2011
Hello my name is Lesley Jordan from Rock Hill, SC. I purchased the Virgin Indian Remy Straight hair in 10" length. I must admit as well I didn't like it very much when I opened the packs and looked at it. When it felt the hair it was very soft but didnt look like what I was expecting. I had it installed a few days ago and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I had received so many compliments on it and people are constantly staring at me and whispering "she has beautiful hair"! It looks very natural, flows nicely, and I have not experienced any tangling or shedding at all! This is some beautiful Indian hair and I will be ordering again! I want to also thank Craig for his expertise and recommendations on the hair closure piece; it looks very natural and I love it! Thanks so much!!!!

I absolutely love my hair! I get compliments everywhere I go! I ordered 3 bundles of the hand wefted Virgin Curly in 18", 20", and 22". The hair is so soft and the curls match my naturally curly hair perfectly to blend it out! I guess they were out of the 18" so I was upgraded to two packs of the 20". My hair dresser thought the hair would be thin, but we were so wrong. I usually use three total anytime I get extensions put in, because I like a lot of fullness. But, this hair is so thick that I still had half a pack left over! I've washed it like I'm suppose to and it still feels just as good as the day I had it installed almost 7 weeks ago. Beautiful hair, and an amazing company, I've recommended this company to all my friends, and I will never look anywhere else for hair. Chelsea - Alabama

hi this is tiara from Chicago and i have my body wave installed and it is just beautiful this hair blends very well and its super soft and with this hair u dont have to put a lot of product in it just add water and go i will be ordering from this company again i feel as if this is my natural hair thank u craig

06.26.11 Remy Hair Body wave
I just want to say thanks for the hair. I ordered 14", 18", & 22" in the virgin remy wavy thinking that the hair was going to be thin and that i would need 3 bundles but i was totally wrong!! I only needed 2 bundles so i have a whole bundle left over which is amazing especially with longer lengths. The hair is just beautiful, i love it and everyone else loves it too. I can't tell you how many times i get stopped by people telling me they love my hair. I definitely will be ordering again!!!
Whitney - Philadelphia, PA


I just wanted to thank you for the amazingly quick delivery. I ordered some hair last night and thought that perhaps it was a little too late to receive it the next day. But, voila!, thanks to you, Craig...I have what I needed, first thing this morning and it's just beautiful!

I'm so thrilled with your products, but your customer service is the standout feature that keeps me coming back, again and again!

All the best and many thanks!
S.H. - Queens, NY

hello my name is tiara and im from chicago and i just received my 14 inch in the indian remy body wave. i have the hand tied wefts in the natural black the hair is beautiful and very soft. the wave pattern is beautiful as well i can just imagine how it will look when it is wet. compared to the all the other companies craig very good customer service very patient and also the shipping was quick im very pleased with my purchase. can wait to i have it installed thank u

Latifah B. I Love, Love, Love this hair. I Brought 20" 16" and 12" for perfect layers so i wouldn't have to cut it. Its is so soft and manageable, It hardly ever tangles. I'm So Pleased with my purchase. Thanks!

Tiara H- Richmond, VA Craig you are the best!! I had the hair curled and cut and it laid so nice. My curls stayed in so well. I got the 16inch and 14inch! Nice!! Then maybe a week later I washed my hair and blow dried it and it came out so nice and soft!! I've never had weave like this! I'm so over buying other weaves. Thank You!! This is really some good hair ladies!!

Pharadja S- Brooklyn, NY. Craig and Aisha! Thank you so much! I am even more beautiful then ever!! I have no regrets!! My deep wave can be worn straight or curly!! Now my hair dresser said she will be using your hair and referring others!!

Celeste NJ I'm a Hispanic with very big curly hair and when i dry it straight its fun but dries up so fast. So i want a weave that will allow me to not dry my own hair as much and still look great..
omg I was so excited when I received my hair but once my hair dresser put it in...so in love. You guys rock. Great product great customer service. Please don't change a thing. I'm very impressed. Soon as I walked in the door my husband said he loved my hair and it looks great!

Angie Sacramento, Ca-- OMG is all i can say! I love love love my virgin Indian body wave hair....im am the envy every where I go. I adore this hair, its soft with alot of body! It lightweight and looks and feels like my own hair :) Craig is so polite and professional and knows what he is talking about when it comes to hair. I tell all my friends and family about this company and i wouldn't dare purchase Indian Remy hair from any where else!!!!! Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful :)

Craig thank u 4 your professionalism your patience. I had used jaguar hair saga and Atlanta hair. I have been burned so many times in the business I'm in you must stay diva. I found this website and read the testimonies but said this is 2 good 2 be true and placed a order and panicked a minute but when I got the body wave couldn't believe the texture the quality. Now I'm looking forward to getting the premium. Ladies Craig knows his stuff he's honest this hair feels looks and smells like my own. Sewn in right u can use it over and over just wash once a week condition first like he said and you'll be hooked on quality of International Hair .It's real finally .Thanks 4real. Patrice in Milwaukee

Tiara Washington, DC- I love my Virgin Remy hair!! I wear it either straight or curly. I have been wearing it now since January. I receive a lot of compliments, people believe that it is my real hair! It moves just like my natural hair and blends very well! It's soft and just the best hair that I have ever used! I'm so happy that I found this website. Even my hairstylist asked where did I buy my hair!! I will def order again!

Hi Craig my name is Jay i am a Professional hairstylist based of Miami, FL and i have recently been introduced to your Remy hair and I most say Fabulous!!!! I worked with the Lace closure and about 7-9 oz. of body wave and i am truly impressed. I would love to do business with u as far as promoting and selling your brand in Florida and also on my you tube page how would that work?

Okay I love, love, love my body wave hair, I've already installed it! Thanks M. Barclay-Williams

i am hair Stylist in the Philadelphia area, I ordered my hair on Tuesday and received it on Friday! I purchased the 18inch and 14inch body wave natural black and i love it, the texture and length its longer than i thought. now my clients are ready to put their orders in. This is a good investment for myself buying Remy once a month spending about $160.00 every time to get it sewed in, the money i spent here with International Hair Company was worth it..thanks Craig you were very helpful and professional....XOXO, Taniah Philadelphia, PA.

Hey Craig... l purchased my hair on a Friday and received my hair on Monday. I put my hair in today and l absolutely love it!!! l have ordered hair from other companies but this is worth every dime. I ordered a 12 and 16 inch and was surprised that you actually get at least an inch more. l am pleased with the color and texture. When l say this hair is soft, it is soft. l have received so many compliments and that was just in the salon. I am so happy with your price and overjoyed with the quality of your hair. Thanks Inhairco.... Sincerely Bama Bombshell, Mobile, AL.

I purchased the (2)packs of virgin Remy Body Wave for micro braids. This is THE BEST HAIR...OMG!! My ladies had no problems braiding it in...at first look we didnt think that it was gonna be enough of hair (the bundles look small) but once they got started, they were able to braid my entire head and I still had hair left over!!! (that never happens) Phenomenal product...Thanks!! Terri Phoenix, AZ.

Phenomenal shipping time. Ordered Friday afternoon and received on Monday morning. That's not even a whole business day. Love, love the hairpiece. Exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price. Thank you very much. PE, Virginia

purchased Virgin Remy Straight Hair back in July 2010 after my stylists prices for ordering hair doubled within less than a year's time. With so many available hair outlets, I knew that I could find a superior, quality brand on my own. Prior to placing my full order, I purchased a sample to see IHC's product. The sample was decent, and after talking with my new stylist I made the purchase. This was a major investment, so yes, I was very skeptical. Well 6 months in, this hair is still fabulous. It's luxurious and simply beautiful. I'm always getting compliments on the hair. I've have it removed and put back in 2 times. I go to the salon weekly and the hair is still in excellent condition. I plan to purchase some wavy hair to rock to new spring/summer look. I'm optimistic that I'll experience the same hair quality excellence this 2nd time around. - Sheena, Delaware

I am a licensed hair Stylist is Oakland, Ca. I have seen may brands of hair from $$$$to$. I have not been satisfied for a long time and after searching and searching I think I may have found my match. I have to confess I didnt like the hair at first because when you take it out of the pack it looks nice but when you unravel you see imperfections BUT WAIT OMG. I had the hair for about 2 months before deciding to put it in because I was going to send back. After installing the hair I was in AWWW of the hair. I flat ironed some of the hair and then wet it to go back to curly and dam it did. I am so happy ladies because after thousands of $ on crap I finally hit home. SO DONT FRET NOR BLINK AT THIS WEBSITE THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE. This hair has a nice curl and it flat iron out straight. I shampooed the hair with a moisturizer shampoo, good conditioner air dried then flat ironed the hair because I noticed it brings the cuticles of the hair together and gives the curls a whole look and feel. I am truly satisfied I could shed tears. Ha ladies you know what I mean when you find the right hair that you are truly satisfied its like purchasing a car. LOL ENJOY BELIEVER IN EAST OAKLAND, CA.94603

I ordered two packs of virgin Indian Remy hair-one 16in and one 18in. After the hair was installed, I still had some hair left over. I have received numerous compliments about my hair. I’m pleased with the quality and the wave pattern. I have been able to wet my hair and it waves gorgeously. I can also straighten it w/ my flat iron and bend the ends for the straight look. Other companies that I ordered from in the past didn’t have the same wave pattern or texture. I have had the hair in for two months and it still looks good as the day it was first installed. I will definitely order from International Hair Company in the future.

Lisa M | Operations Specialist

I bought the Indian Remy body wave hair in April for my bday and all i have to say is EXCELLENT!!!! I kept it in for 2 months at a time and if it wasn't for my new growth i would have kept it in longer. Ive gotten so many compliments and so many people that don't know me think this is my own natural hair. My hair stylist has even order sample to so to her other clients. Ive bought so many other brands that this by far is the only Indian hair i will ever buy. I wear it straight 90% of the time but like the option to wear it curly especially in the summer. FYI it takes little to non effort to straighten it. So if your lookn for a natural, no shed, no tangle, last for years hair...THIS IS IT!!!
Jamie Garnes NJ,

I have been a loyal customer for nearly five years! Over the years I have worn Virgin Kinky Curly, Virgin Medium Curly and Virgin Deep Wave. I have received loads of compliments from people I know and strangers about how beautiful my hair looks. I have convinced my hair stylist to order as well and she has raved to other customers who have ordered and been blown away by the quality and luxuriousness of the hair! Thank you! Andrea, Michigan p>

Tashaya King November 11, 2010 at 5:39pm
hello, I jus purchased your hair for the first time & thusfar I'm loving it (& so does everyone else) :) & I wanted to do the wavy look, how exactly do I accomplish that style with the straight virgin Remy?

this hair is the bomb! i love it ladies it might seem like a lot of $ but my hair stylist used 1 pack on my sew -in and i sold the other pack to my friend. when wet it curls up beautifully people thought it was my hair. i tried jaguar luxury and it was boo boo. im sticking with this company u pay for what u get the hair is great and doesnt shed or tangles.

Omg this is the best virgin Indian Remy hair ever I had the 14 & 16 inch installed by my wonderful hair stylist on Saturday. and big ups to Craig you are the best thanks for all your help you have a customer for life.

This is the best hair you could ever have ....I am a true weave lover and i have never worn any better hair....I have had this hair for 3 months now and it still looks GREAT!....i will never order from anywhere else....people are constantly saying how good my genetics are lol if they only knew this wasn't mine....by the way I have the 14 inch virgin Indian Remy hair...

I purchased the 100% Indian hair 10 in. and 12 in. The hair is wonderful it kept it's shine and texture no matter what style or how many times I washed it. The ends of the hair did not fray. It held curls really well and flat ironed beautifully. The hair blended well with my own hair. I was told that my hair was very pretty by an older gentlemen that made the comment most women wear weave nowadays. He actually thought it was mine. Friends also thought the hair looked realistic. This has been the best Indian Remy hair that I have used by far. Jessica Abram Pine Bluff, Arkansas

I purchased the hair that I am currently wearing from you back in Oct 2009; it is now Aug 1, 2010 I am still wearing the hair from that purchase. To top it off I received a compliment last weekend from my previous beautician who use to perm and take care of my natural hair for over 10 years she actually thought I was wearing just my natural hair. I just had to laugh I didn’t even share with hair it was not my natural hair it’s our secret ;-)

I just want to say hi I will call you this week to put in another order. Thank you and your hair is the best if a beautician can’t tell you know it’s the best.
Shelly-Bayarea, Calif

Why did I wait so long!!!
I just wanted to say thank you again for all of help. I purchased the Premium Colored Indian Remy Hair for my last weave, and I will never order from another company again. I have been wearing weaves for over 8 years and was a loyal Extensions Plus customer, but I was over it with them. Their customer service was suspect, and they think you should be lucky to wear their hair, not even close. The curl holds better, and the hair looks amazing. I have never received as many compliments as I have received wearing this hair. Thank you for helping this queen keep her crown.

Hopefully before my next weave you will have some number 2 in so I can work it for the fall. Thank you again. Renetia


beautiful straight indian remy hairI've been wearing extensions for over 10 years and I must say you have the best quality remy hair that's on the market and trust me I've tried several lol. Your Indian Remy Straight hair with a slight wave is phenomenal. Once I get my sew in, I curl it with a 1 inch barrel iron and I don't have to curl my hair for the next 4 to 5 days. I've never experienced this with any other hair!!! Besides you having great customer service, you fill my orders and expedite them in a timely fashion. You definitely have a loyal customer and I will utilize your services in the future! Attached is the wonderful sew in that my hair stylist Felissa of Anointed Creations did using Indian Remy Straight Hair. Sylvia (Alabama)



I have been a loyal customer to Extensions Plus for almost 4 years... Thanks to the shipment of body wave and the closure I received yesterday, the good people of Extensions Plus, has lost a customer. Craig, my stylist has been trying to get me to buy your hair since December, saying how the quality and texture are superior. He wasn't lying. I wear extensions continuously, and am an expert in what looks good on me, to the point that I don't even buy hair from the many factories local to me in NYC (Lugo's, Adorable, etc.). They are all terrible. The quality of the hair is exactly as described on your website: the follicles are all going in one direction, thereby making it so thick and luxurious. Your closure is THE MOST realistic closure I've ever seen!!!

My only regret is that it took me so long to discover you guys and purchase your fabulous product!!! You've won a loyal customer in me and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with you. I'll be in touch in a few months, when it's time for me to buy more hair!!!

C.R. (NYC)

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