International Hair Company!

Hi Craig- Just want to let you know that I received so many compliments on my hair while I was away for my wedding and honeymoon. In fact, I think my sister in law, Desiree, will be calling you to place an order.
Thank you.
Jenifer Henry-Jones
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Hello: I needed to send this e-mail to tell you how much I appreciate the quality of your indian hair and the honesty of your word. At the end of March 2010, I ordered two bundles of the Virgin Remy Body Wave in 12 inches. It has been nine weeks. And the hair is still beautiful, I am so surprised. I have only been wearing extensions on and off for almost a year. But, there have been several disappointments with supposed high 'quality' hair from upscale salons. In the past, my extensions are visibly worn by the 5th or 6th week. Not your hair! Your wonderfully soft hair will definitely carry me past three months. You guys are wonderful and I am so grateful I found you through Google Search! Keep up the awesome work! uberHappy customer,
D. Fench (Chicago)

All I can say is that this hair is WONDERFUL!! this is a picture of my hair up with the Virgin Wavy 16" (I'll send one with my hair down in a sec). I was so concerned that it wouldn't look natural because of the wave and the Miami HEAT and it absolutely does!!
Sharita at Savaad's in Chicago did an amazing installation job and finished my sew-in in 25minutes! She loves these wefts!!
Thank you thank you sooo much! I'll post a you tube a bit later :)

Craig, I just wanted to add yet another glowing testimonial to your pages. I ordered my Virgin Remy Straight in December 2009 and was extremely impressed upon its arrival. The true litmus test was handing it over to my stylist; she swears by the hair that she offers in her salon, but usually is open to whatever hair we, her customers, bring in. When I presented my hair to her, I could tell that she too was equally impressed but couldn't imagine that weave hair from a website could last.

To me, all hair is acceptable initially; the proof is in the day to day wear and weekly maintenance. To that, all I can say is it has been four months; I've had my bi-monthly salon appointments and I wash my hair in the 'off weeks'; I've worked out at the gym and basically just lived. All in all, my hair looks and feels like it did on day one.

Yes, you have another satisfied customer!
Thanks for everything! SS

virgin Indian body wave Remy hair extensions4.16.10
I recently ordered hair from you and purchased one bag of 12” remy body wave and one 14” body wave. (Advice given from Craig to create a layered look without cutting the hair)The hair is stunning!!! People actually think it’s my hair…. I’ve heard “you have such pretty hair” “Your hair texture looks so soft” I have even heard people (whispering) arguing over whether or not the hair is mines or not. I have attached pictures of the hair in my head and it just shows how natural looking the hair actually is. The hand tied weft is so much thinner than the machine weft. The tracks lie flatter to the scalp. I really feel like I have grown this hair from my scalp! I love when people ask how much I paid for my hair, because when I tell them the price they often seemed shocked that I paid that much for my hair, but I quickly explain to them perfection takes Time and MONEY and they will not find better quality at such a reasonable price anywhere else. Thanks for enhancing my beauty!
~Tiphanie Little Rock, AR

4.12.10 Hello Craig,
I talked with you and ordered from your company on 2/26/10. Only a couple weeks ago was I able to finally get the time to have my wefts installed. I must say that the hair provided me is absolutely AMAZING! I wash it 2-3 times a week and it is still so soft. I can not tell a difference between my "real" hair and the weft hair you sent me. Thank you for you time. Chelsea

Craig you are the best I will never buy hair from any where else. If anyone ask where I got my indian hair from I just simply hand them your card and say it's the best and the delivery is so fast no matter what way you have it delivered. Thanks so much you really are the best in the biz. karmela

I want to say that I am very impressed with this company. I ordered my hair on Tuesday March 23, 2010. Within minutes of placing my order, I got a call from customer service. The hair I ordered was out of stock but I was offered an alternative length. I received my order around 11:45 the next morning. I was amazed. The hair is beautiful. I will definitely refer all of my friends to use this company from now on (since I have heard so many hair horror stories). This company is great! Five stars!

Thank you so much Craig for all your help! I only had enough for 4oz but this hair is so gorgeous and full. I can easily make it look like a full head. I will be ordering another 4oz March 31st and this time I'll have my shipping together! lol I appreciate what you did to help me during a hair emergency. (my old tracks had too much glue!) How do i put a testimonial on the page? I will pass out the business cards to the next chick that's like it. Your hair is so pretty! Thanks again!

Just want to let you know how happy I am with my purchase. I have been wearing the Virgin Remy Body wave for the past six months and the hair is still very beautiful. I shampoo my hair every week and the hair is just has gorgeous as the day I received it. I am planning on making my second purchase soon. You have a customer for life. Thanks again for your great customer service. Corretta Fort Lauderdale

Great Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Craig, I am a first time customer. I talked to you on the phone not to long ago, sorry I did not get back to you as of yet. I ordered the hair but have not used it yet. i WILL BE ORDERING MORE FOR LIFE!!! Fabulous and I can't wait. Craig is wonderful to talk too, and very knowledgeable. I look forward to a long relationship with International hair. LOVE THE HAIR, THE SMELL, THE TEXTURE, THE AMOUNT WOW! what can I say but this hair is the best and I do not have it in my hair yet. No more Lugo's who was ripping me off giving me bad hair mixed with synthetic no more of those stores around here that think they are selling great hair. I'm so glad I found international hair by doing my own research on the net. And Craig is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great customer service. PC From New Jersey

Hi Craig this Mesha from Houston just stopping in to say I Love the hair i am a former lugos customer who want be going back this hair is the best hair I have found yet i bought my hair Dec and still using it thanks sweetie talk to you soon.

3.06.10Montina Cooper The Mamas Virgin Indian Remy Body Wave Hair
This is the best hair I have ever used! Montina Cooper

"Hey this is Kelly from Ford Models Love You Guys Inhairco Hair Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

I must say that I was very wary when I bought hair from Inhair Company back in December 09. I had wasted so much money on companies that claim to have real Indian Remy hair. All sites boast about how the hair is original, does not shed, can be straighten then curly when you wet it again. Well, I have tried it all and you really have a very loyal and grateful customer. I washed my hair myself twice a week. Let my hair get wet in the rain and 2 months later the hair has not changed but maybe gotten more softer and moisture. I have very very little shedding, maybe a few strands a month. Less than my natural hair. I just had my hair re-braided and put back in, it's truly amazing. I will say that you have to have good hair products also. I have curly hair and use Carol daughter best tressed package. Also, I did not use all of the hair I purchased and set a pack bag. The company promptly have me a refund. Thank you so much for providing such a great product with great customer service. Chandra Roney

January 24, 2010
Hello Craig, I must say that I absolutely LOVE your hair. Not only is the quality Excellent, but the customer service was terrific. You were so helpful when I spoke to you on the phone. Not to mention I was blown away by how fast my product was received, It was amazing. By the time I hit the payment button, I got my shipping tracking number in minutes. I was so scared to order hair from an online vendor, but I was so glad I did. The hair that you find in most local shops doesn't compare to your products quality and value. I lived in Brazil for a couple of years where I bought hair from very high end boutiques. The virgin indian remy hair I purchased was the first hair that I have bought that was even comparable.
Thanks again, and take care.
Sincerely Mrs. Williams

Hi craig, I am over a month into this new hair and am still in love with it. I am the student you helped early December of last year. I just wanted to say thank you. A month is the normal life span for the Remy hair I was used to and am glad to report that this time around your product is still going strong. So again thank you and congrats on your new loyal lifetime customer.
Oyemwen Oriakhi

14 body wave indian remy1.18.10
Craig, thank you for everything you have been a blessing.
Amanda Taylor

Hello Craig, Thank you so much for all of your help in choosing my purchase. I absolutely love the Remy Virgin Indian hair. It looks great, does not shed and lasts and lasts and lasts, with proper care. This is my second purchase and I'm just as pleased this time as I was the time before. I also would like to thank you for your speedy and prompt shipping...that's always a plus! Have a Blessed Day! J Snow

We are loving this hair in Dallas ....Thank you so much for the great custom service that means alot...... I know my hair is going to look great for my wedding. Wana

1430 DRAGON ST #9

I love love the hair it's everything you said and more! Took the color perfect blends amazing as well!!!! I'm telling everyone about you. I also appreciate you calling me right away when the 22" wasn't available. Shipping was quick ordering was easy hair is awesome. What more can a gal want!
Stephanie Sent from my iPhone

9.25.09 back body wave Remy Indian hair 22 long beautiful body wave extensions
Craig, I love the hair! I consider myself an expert and this is the best I've ever ordered. Great quality! Sorry I took me so long to send you pictures.
Best wishes, Lee Rich

Thank you so much for convincing me to purchase your hair extensions after I explained to you how I just had a bad experience with another hair company. You were so patient with me and you listened to my needs as well as my concerns. I ordered the virgin hand-tied wavy Indian hair and it's so soft and it does not matte or tangle even after I dyed it myself with jet black dye. I will definitely refer you to people who are interested in purchasing Good Quality hair.

Jacqueline Washington
Severn, MD

allana virgin remy indian hair straight8.25.09
Hi Craig I have been using your hair for a year now and I have to say that this is the best I have ever used. I'll never go back to another hair store again. I get so many complements on my hair it's crazy!! I love it sooo much!! I am a singer and I took some professional picture and my hair looked absolutely great in them. When I get them I will send one to you but here is a picture from my phone. Thank you sooo much. Allana Ohio

The Best....quality, prices, delivery and service I have experienced. I have been wearing my hair braided for 10+ years. Two of these years, I have been ordering from Inhairco. Before finding you, Craig, I had purchased and ordered hair from any and everywhere that you can imagine. I am constantly complemented on my hair as well as am constantly telling everyone about your site. Craig, if Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious were truly a word, your product would definitely meet the definition - -super- "above", cali- "beauty", fragilistic- "delicate", expiali- "to atone", and docious- "educable", with the sum of these parts signifying roughly "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty (Wikipedia, 2009)." Believing in your Product, Donna Texas

Wow I just came from my hairdresser, and I have never seen, smelled, or touched any hair more luxurious. Thanks, Sarita Jordan

Craig, All I can say is WOW!! I am so satisfied with my hair that no words can describe how pleased I am. As promised, I am attaching a few pics for your review. LG - Chicago

I plan on ordering from your company again, your service is impeccable and your product is the best I have ever used.

Warm Regards, Marion

I received my hair last week and got it put in today 2/6/9 and it look so beautiful, this hair is truly the best, but I knew it would be because I read the testimonial prior to purchasing the hair. I will be a customer for life, please stay in business for life. Thanks La Panamena Yury.J.

I purchased the Virgin Deep Wave and I must say this is the best hair I have ever purchased. Its so light and soft. My stylist just loves it and so did everyone else in the salon. I wished I had known about this hair sooner I will always be a customer.
Thanks Marisa

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