How Much Hair

Virgin Indian Remy Straight

Hair amounts vary depending on what style of hair extensions you are getting done or how much hair you already have. For longer styles, we recommend using two packs to ensure you have enough hair. You can always reuse the extra hair at another time.

Average Amount: This is just an average, some people need more some need less.

Full braid weave
10" needs about 3oz - 5oz most people use 4oz
12" needs about 4oz - 6oz most people use 5oz
14" needs about 5oz - 7oz most people use 6oz
16" needs about 6oz - 8oz most people use 7oz
18" needs about 7oz - 9oz most people use 8oz

Bonded Hair or Tracks: one pack is enough for four to five tracks up to 18" hair length.

Fusion or Micro-Linking: please consult your stylist.

International Hair Company always delivers the most beautiful Indian Remy hair imaginable. We also offer fast and reliable shipping with FedEx.